Yuma Autism Support Group

Understanding Autism Together  

Founder:                                                                       Gwen Conner

Hello all - Happy New year!  I unfortunately will be passing the torch to my very wonderful, capable friend and assistant - Pilar Sanchez.  Due to many unforeseen circumstances, my family will be relocating to Maricopa, Arizona where I have decided to take a teaching assistant position in the special education department with the school district.  I will miss you all and am so happy that our paths have crossed.  My time in Yuma with our group has meant so much to me.  Take care :)   Gwen


Director :                                                                           Pilar Sanchez



Assistant Director :                                                                         Michelle Carter



Assistant Director :                                                                           Shari Walters



Research Assistant :                                                                         (open position) 


Program Coordinator :                                                                  Barbara McAleese